Principal Message

Principal Message


Message From the Principal:

Knowledge is power, and as an evergreen tree it has everlasting fruits. In this modern age human resources and their development play a pivotal role in the happiness and prosperity of a nation. Education sustains this development.

Without scientific knowledge, a nation cannot live with dignity. In this globalized world we are interconnected and interdependent. The nations of the world will pay you due attention if you as a nation possess knowledge.

As a patron and Principal of this esteemed institution, I would like to draw attention of the students to the most pressing demand of the day. The students have to adorn themselves with the ornaments of education. Education changes the outlook, behavior and attitude in a positive direction and plays a vital role in the development of balanced personality. I earnestly advise all the students, and especially the students of Govt. Degree College Lahor (Swabi) to avail the opportunities of education offered to them and prepare themselves for the responsibilities which are awaiting them.

Education is light and students should become the torchbearers of knowledge in the real sense. Open the treasure of the nation with the key of knowledge and keep it open for the well-being of human beings.

“The greatest ornament of a man is erudition.” “The seeker of knowledge will be greeted in Heaven with a welcome from the angels”. This is how our faith emphasizes the value and importance of knowledge. I conclude with the words of the Holy Quran: “And ask them whether those who know and those do not know can be equal?”. (Al-Quran)