Seats Allocation

Seats Allocation


Intermediate-Level Seats Allocation:

  1. Sixty (60%) of the total number of seats are reserved for local (District Local) candidates of the area in which the college is situated.
  2. Eighteen percent (18%) seats are reserved for candidates of Jurisdictional area of the collge.
  3. Ten percent (10%) seats are reserved for candidates of areas other than district Peshawar provided they have obtained A or Al or A+ Grade in the last examination passed.
  4. Five percent (5%) seats at each level are reserved for the children of the employees of the Higher Education Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (college subsector) on provincialbasis.
  5. Two percent (2%) seats are reserved for disable candidates on provincial basis.
  6. Five percent (5%) seats are reserved at each level for sports quota on provincial basis. These seats are reserved only for the games which are available and offered by the college.
  7. Seats falling vacant under any quota will be allocated to quota for local candidates of jurisdictional area.
  8. Two seats (Over and above) for admission to first year in each faculty are reserved for minority quota on provincial basis

BS-Level Seats Allocation

In case of admission to BS classes the following seats distribution for each subject in case of 40 admission seats per class shall be observed by each college and shall offer admission to the following on the basis of their respective merit.

  1. Eighteen seats for candidates of the district
  2. Eighteen seats outside of the district of the college
  3. One seat for the children of employees of HED on provinicial basis (College Sector)
  4. One seat for disable candidates of the province
  5. Two seats for sports quota
  6. Seats falling vacant shall be allocated for candidates define in B-i.