Admission Rules

Admission Rules


Admission Rules:

  • Admission Starts on the date announced by the admission committee and continues according to the schedule of B.I.S.E Mardan / University of Swabi.
  • In case of availability of online admission facility for a particular level of studies, candidates shall apply online and hard copies of their application forms along with required documents shall be submitted to the college.
  • The application form duly filled by the candidates shall be supported by attested photocopies of the following documents:

    (1) SSC Certificate for admission at any level of studies

    (2) Detailed Marks / Provisional Certificate of the last exam passed

    (3) Character Certificate issued by the learning institution last attended. Where the candidate has passed the last examination in private capacity such certificate shall be signed by a gazetted officer.

    (4) Domicile Certificate

    (5) Self / father CNIC / Form B

    (6) Three coloured photographs

    (7) Quota eligibility certificate in case a candidate applies for a specified quota notified by the government, e.g Sports, Disable or Education Employees quotas, etc.

    (8) Migration Certificate for candidates having passed their examination from other than BISE Mardan / University of Swabi.

    (9) Affidavit as per specimen.

  • Note: Migration certificate and affidavit in light of Supreme Court decision for refraining from politics will be obtained from the candidates at the time when their admission is confirmed.

  • Late Admission cases whether online or manually, are dealt with strictly, in accordance with the B.I.S.E Mardan / University of Swabi rules or untill such a date is fixed by the Principal.
  • 95% of the seats are filled on the basis of specific quota and 5% on the sports basis. Students seeking admission on sport basis may submit separate application forms. All the Supporting documents and approved certificated must be attached with the application forms. No certificate of sports, etc. will be entertained after te submission of application forms. In sports quota, with least 2nd Div/C grade is eligible for admission. She must pass trail and se also provide affidavit stating that they will defiantly take part in games.
  • Only those candidates are eligible for admission that has passed their last annual or preceding supplementary examination of the board.
  • Candidates failing in one or more subjects are allowed to take admission in part-1 of any class.
  • Candidates placed in E grade in SSC and less then 2nd division in the intermediate examination are not allowed to take admission in the inter and degree class respectively.
  • The upper age limit at the time of admission is 19 years for 1st year and 22 year for 3rd year. The upper age limit, however does not apply to persons with at least 2 years of government/semi government who have obtained proper leave from tee ads of their department for the purpose.
  • Candidates passing in the succeeding supplementary examination shall not be eligible for admission in the same academic year.
  • Candidate who are resident of the area are given preference. Other candidates having genuine reason such as residence/service or parents in the areas, or when vacant seats exist in the college, are also eligible for admission. In addition, ten percent quota is reserved for candidates of other areas who have passed their SSC/Inter examination in A+ grade.
  • Candidates who have passed their SSC examination from schools of district Swabi are also eligible for admission.
  • Candidate belonging to examination board other then BISE Mardan are to produce migration certificate and verified DMC along with their admission forms.
  • Those candidates who are found being involved in any political, illegal or criminal activity during their college period shall not be considered for admission at all. Any student, whose character during part-1 is found unsatisfactory, shall not be given admission in part-11 of the intermediate or the degree classes.
  • Candidate is required to produce an affidavit (copy enclosed) as an undertaking typed on stamp pare and dully attested by a competent authority, at the time of interview for admission.
  • Those candidates, who are last in submission of their application forms or fail to appear for the interview/ test on te notified date, shall not claim any right of admission. It is the responsibility of the candidates to keep themselves informed of the admission date of interview, admission, etc. Individual catering is not possible for the college.
  • In case where these regulations are silent or where there is a difference of opinion about their interpretation, the decision of the principal shall be considered as final./
  • All the refundable securities must be refunded within one month of the termination of examination, which is expandable unto there months in case of any hardship or when the student leaves. Refund of all kinds of securities is subject to recovery of outstanding dues, if any, and clearances from the concerned quarters.
  • All the students are required to attend social work program for three weeks before their names are sent to the University for Admission.


Migration is not allowed from one college to another. However, children of government servants may be accommodated in case of transfer of their parents to district swabi after the date on which admission is closed in this college, provided the marks scored by the applicant in the relevant examination are not less than the lowest marks on which admission has been granted on open merit basis in the relevent discipline. No migration case will be entertained after 31 december. For migration, the following documents must be submitted;

  1. Prescribed application form, complete in the all respects;
  2. Attested copy of the transfer order of the applicat's parent.