Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


Attendance and Leave Rules:

I. Under the rules of Board/ University it is compulsory for a student to have 75% attendance to sit for an examination. Students failing to attain this level of attendance may not be allowed to sit for Board and University Examinations, on migration from another institution it is essential that the record of attendance at the previous institution is presented at the time of admission.

II. A student when present in college will under no circumstances miss her class without cogent reason.

III. Only when absolutely essential a student may apply to the principal for leave of absence. Such an application must be duly endorsed by the father/ guardian of the student. To return home to attend to some emergency or in case of illness it is imperative that such an application has the approval and signature of father/ guardian.

IV. In case of illness leave will be granted under doctor's certificate. Which should have the office stamp of the doctor recommending the leave plus the counter signature of the Medical Superintendent.

V. Without proper application seeking leave a student is liable to fine.

The fine may be levied at the following amount:

a. Full day absence: Rs 10/-

b. Absence from one lecture Rs 10/-

c. Absence from Practical Rs 10/-

d. Out of Uniform Rs. 10/-

e. Tardiness in return of Library

f. Books Rs 10/- day

Without grant of leave by the Principal, absence without leave for Ten consecutive days may result in cancellation of admission to the college.

Rules For College Uniform:


a) Tea pink cotten shirt. (provided college on payment)

b) White shalwar

c) White dopatta (Malmal) with tea pink ribbon.

d) White socks

e) Black shoes without Heal.


In addition to the above prescribe address, the following will be worn.

a) Black jersey/Cadigan with no additional trimming or colour.

b) Coat-Black blazer or shalwar.

c) Students those who wear Gowns & Abayas are advised to use only plan & simple Abayas. Embroidered & Dimontied decorated abayas are not allowed.

Students are not permitted to wear any kind of Jewellery, indulge in makeup or have have elaborately hair folowing or overlong frings. Nails to be properly trimmed and not polished/painted. Only black & brown hair bands are allowed.

Note: Students not obeying the above instructions are liable to fine or any other punishment by the principal.