• Admission Committee

This committee is madeup of senior staff members of the college who divide admissions into two categories of Science and Arts. Admission committee is responsible for the following affairs.

  1. The issuance of Prospectus.
  2. Collect admission forms to set merit list.
  3. To conduct the interviews and guide the students about fee structure and payment schedule.
  • Examination Committee

To evaluate and measure the student's learning, Examination committee conducts detaintion exam and during the exam this committee perform the following duties.

  1. To collect question papers to make arrangement for the composing of the question papers and to dispatch and distribute question papers to the deputed staff.
  2. Seating arrangement for exam and removal.
  3. To circulate datesheet and duty roaster.
  4. To collect and distribute attendance lists and other necessary stationary items among the deputed staff.
  5. To mcollect and handover the answer books to the staff concerned.
  6. To compile result and display it on the notice board and to prepare the result cards.
  7. To pack the marked answer books for record and keep it in a safe place for a minimum of two years.
  8. To handle the medical certificates and other leave cases during the exam.
  9. To make and display rules of examination on notice board.
  10. issuance of roll numbers for annual exam and issuance of DMC's after declaration of result.

Before annual exam, each student has to exempt all the charges for which she is charged during the acadamic session before receiving the roll number slip. The examination committee collects a list of penalities from all the concerned staff and prepare a check list for the departing students. It also issue a clearance chit for the proper record maintainance.

  • Fee Concession Committee
  • Social Work Committee
  • Accounts Checking Committee
  • Annual Verification Committee
  • Purchase Committee
  • College property Committee