A library plays a very vital role throughout the life.Student life is the time of learning.They need to learn different subjects. At that time a library helps them a lot. Libraries are the store houses or treasure trove of knowledge.In the absence of a good library in an educational institutions, education has no meaning. Without library students cannot gain knowledge properly.

A library is divided into a number of sections or departments on the basis of subjects, history, maths, science,commerce, eenglish and a number of other sections and sub sections; poetry ,fictions, drama etc.The required books can be traced fro the index card.

Our college library provides the students very healthy environment. In library atmosphere is very calm and disciplened. It helps students to keep very good concentrations on their studies,

There is a well established, organized & updated Library having more than 7000 books.

The number of books increases every year.

Library card is issued to Every Student of college.

They can issue book from the library.

Daily newspapers and Weekly magazines are available for students.