Fee Concession / Scholarships

Deserving students up to 10% of the total strength of the class are given fee concession. A number of scholarships/charities are awarded to the deserving students by the various donor / philanthropic agencies on the recommendation of the college authorities. Financial assistance is also granted to the poor students from social welfare fund.


To enhance mental abilities and physical fitness of the students, all facilities of sports and training are provided to the students. Students of this college have been showing commendable performance in the provincial and national games and have won distinction in almost all games. Play grounds for Hockey, Cricket and football and a stadium exists in the college.

College Dispensary

For emergency treatment of students, a dispensary service is provided to students.


To accommodate Postgraduate students of far flung area there is one hostel of the college located at Bikat Ganj, Mardan.


With its huge stock of books on various subjects, the college library issues books to the students and teachers for a specific period i-e 15 days. If a borrowed book is lost or damaged, the borrower must replace it by a new book or deposit triple price of the book as fine. Further, Rs.01/- per day is charged if the book is not returned in due time to the library. Moreover, there are three seminar libraries in English, Mathematics and Physics Departments where students of post Graduate classes conduct their research oriented studies.


The architecturally awe-inspiring, spacious Mosque, Masjid-e-Zubaida, plays a vital role in molding the lives of the students according to the true spirits of Islam. Students offer congregational prayer and also participate in Nazira + Darsa-e-Quran.

Proctorial Board

Discipline is the key to the success of any institution. It determines the character of nations. To maintain the peaceful atmosphere and discipline the college has a proctorial Board consisting of chief Proctor, staff proctors and student proctors. The main concern of the Proctorial Board is to make sure the conducive academic atmosphere in the college. The Proctorial Board has to perform the following duties:
  1. i. To make sure that the students are in proper uniform.
    ii. To make sure that discipline is properly maintained.
    iii. To be present in the college during functions, Board / University examinations and sports competitions.

Student Societies

Blood Donor Society, Scientific Society and Literacy Society exist in the college.

College Magazine

To boast up the creative capacities and intellectual potentialities of the students, the college publishes a yearly magazine ‘Shafaq’ under supervision of an editorial board with the principal as its patron-in-chief. The magazine comprises of articles on various topics in Pashto, Urdu and English, contributed by the students.

Disciplinary Committee

The college has a permanent disciplinary committee which consists of Chief Proctor, Chief tutor, controller of examination and one senior Professor nominated by the Principal. The principal may refer any offence or irregularity for investigation to the committee which chalks out its own modus operandi for enquiry. The findings of the committee are to be endorsed by the college council.

College Council

The college council consists of the senior faculty members including chief Proctor, Incharge student’s affairs and controller of examination. The college council assists the Principal in important academic and administrative matters.