Introduction of BS Program

Introduction of BS Program


BS-Disciplines at Government Post Graduate College Mardan and its Cluster Colleges

The traditional education system in Pakistan has been described as one of the underdeveloped among the worldwide education systems. Bachelor of Studies (BS), introduced by Higher Education Commission under the National Qualification Framework (2009) has been adopted to develop education system on nationwide basis covering all the HEC chartered public and private institutions of Higher Education in the country. It has brought the Education system in Pakistan at par with the education systems existing in the developed world. It is an undergraduate academic Degree program that generally takes four years to complete. Along with the major subjects in which the students are enrolled, they are also taught some general education courses including English, Psychology, Sociology, Citizenship Ethics, Computer Sciences, Statistics, Geography, Islamic Education, and Mathematics. These general courses are completed in the first two years of the degree program. It is, therefore, helpful in giving students a wide scope of learning as well as educational experience.

The major objective of BS Program is the spirit of scientific approach towards studies. It focusses on learner-based strategies that engage students in different academic activities such as presentations, quizzes, peer learning /group works, and individual as well group research projects. Students, thus, get exposure to self-learning-based activities fostering positive learning environment and motivation for research-oriented approach. The universities as well as affiliated colleges are, thus, becoming engines of social, economic and human resource development.

At present, Govt. Post Graduate College Mardan runs BS Program in fifteen disciplines where 1751 students have been enrolled. Significantly, more than four thousand applications were received for admission in the current session 2017-18. The college is having excellent and hardworking faculty that enables students to serve successfully at different walks of life. This has made the college a center of learning where many students seek admission through migration from different universities. Moreover, many of the alumni of this college have been enrolled in M.Phil/Ph.D studies at different universities. Our institution, thus, provide an up-to-date approach to higher studies at door steps to meet the global challenges.