Important Notices

Important Notices





Code of conduct and Prohibition

Education is prerogative of those who seek knowledge in true sense and it brings about changes not only in their inner life but is also reflected in their behavior and character. It makes them a model of humanity, honesty, love and teaches them respect of teachers and seniors. These type of students become a role-model for others in future.
Therefore it is obligatory that:
  1. 1. Every student should observe all religious obligations and hold in reverence the religious beliefs, customs and tradition of the others.

    2. Every student should remain faithful with Pakistan and the ideology of Pakistan. He / She should not propagate such idea through action or words, which runs counter to the integrity and interests of our homeland.

    3. Every student should develop cleanliness in habits, civility in dealing and purity of mind and should work with the spirit of service to his / her fellow human beings.

    4. Every student should pursue his studies whole heartedly and should not interfere negatively or obstruct the studies of others.

    5. Every student should respect and obey his / her teacher and should follow the directives of the college administration regarding curricular and extra-curricular activities.

    6. The use of badges, banners, posters, wall chalking of any political party or students federation inside the college premises or on the boundary wall of the college is prohibited.

    7. Student should avoid participation in political activities and should not make use of political slogans.

    8. Students are not allowed to invite any political leader, ex-students of the college or any other outsider to the college.

    9. Bringing / usage of fire-arms and intoxicants are prohibited in the college campus.

    10. To disrupt the peaceful academic atmosphere or to suspend, partially or wholly, the teaching work in the college is punishable crime.

    11. Individual / Collective protest against the college administration, teaching and Non-teaching staff or to motivate other students for this purpose is violation of Law. Posters and pamphlets which mars college reputation or which create hatred among students and teachers are prohibited. Similarly, such types of cartoon and statements in the newspapers are also prohibited and punishable by law.

    12. To damage the Govt. / College / individual property inside the college is considered a crime.

    13. Fund raising and holding of any type of function without the prior permission of the principal is prohibited.

    14. The use of mega phone, loud speaker or electronic sound devices is prohibited unless approved by the principal for positive academic activity.

    15. Smoking and the use of drugs are prohibited.

    16. Students are not allowed to attend the college without I.D. card and college uniform.

    17. College dues must be paid within the specific period.

    18 The audio/video use of cellular phone during the class/college is prohibited.

Violation of Code of Conduct

The Principal, the college council, the chief Procter and the Discipline committee are competent to levy penalties at their discretion according to the nature of any of the following irregularities.
A student who:
  1. 1. Violates the code of ethics and bounds of morality.

    2. Disobey / misbehaves the teacher or the Principal.

    3. Neglects his studies / duties and remains absent from the class.

    4. Willfully damages public property or personal possession of teachers, students, college employees or visitors.

    5. Does not clear his college dues in time.

    6. Keeps / makes displays of any kind of fire-arms in the college / hostel premises.

    7. Violates the rules of hostel (in case of boarder only).

    8. Makes use of derogatory language or indecent and vulgar gestures.

    9. Is involved in criminal or subversive activities.

    10. Demonstrates / propagates religious fanaticism and sectarianism.


The principal on his own or on the recommendation of chief Procter / college council or disciplinary committee may levy the following fine / penalty in accordance with the gravity of the violation of rules or code of conduct.
The limit of fine / penalty and its competent authority is as under:
Competent Authority Punishment / Fine
Professor , librarian , D.P.E Fine up to Rs.100/-
Chairman of Dept. /chief proctor/ In charge sport committee Fine of Rs.200/- To 500/- Expulsion from Game.
College council or Disciplinary committee Recommend to the Principal for Fine more than Rs.500/- Expulsion / rustication from college
Principal Fine more than Rs.1000/-or Rustication or Expulsion from the college.

Ban on Political Activities

Students unions and indulgence in politics is banned in the light of the verdict of Supreme Court of Pakistan which reads as:
“Students indulgence in political activities is strictly prohibited”. We therefore direct that at the time of admission to an educational institution, the student and his parents /guardian shall give an undertaking that the student shall not indulge in politics, failing which he/she shall not be allowed admission .And if after the admission, he/she violates such undertaking i.e. “indulges himself/herself in politics” he / she shall be expelled from the institution without any further notice. All the educational institutions shall henceforth seek and obtain similar undertaking in respect of all existing enrolled students.

It is explained that the finding with regard to “indulgence in politics” given by the head of the institution under his seal and signature shall be final and shall not be questioned except only before the Supreme Court”.

The specimen given at the end should be used for undertaking duly signed by the student, his father / guardian on Judicial stamp paper and attested by a competent authority to be produced at the time of interview / admission.