The following persons are authorized to take disciplinary action by way of imposing penalties as specified under the heading ‘Range of Penalties’.

i. The Chief Proctor

ii. Disciplinary Committee

iii. Principal of the College

iv. College Council

Any penalty enumerated under the heading ‘Range of Penalties’ may be imposed by the Principal or Chief Proctor of the college upon the recommendation of a Teacher, Head of the Department, Librarian, Imam e Masjid, Hostel Warden, college Controller of Examination, Incharge Sports, Head of any College Society, Discipline Committee and College Council.


The following penalties may, for act of indiscipline or misconduct or for sufficient reasons, be imposed on a student, namely:

i. Written warning and information to the guardian

ii. Fine from Rs.100 to Rs.5000

iii. Suspension from the Class/Department/College/Hostel/Mess/Library/ or availing of any other facility

iv. Suspension or cancellation of scholarships, fellowship or any financial assistance from any source or

recommendation to that effect to the sanctioning agency

v. Recovery of pecuniary loss caused to college Property

vi. Debarring from participation in sports, debates, different societies, academic or refreshing tours and other such


viii Disqualifying from holding any representative position in the Class/ College/ Hostel/ Mess/ Sports/ Clubs and in

similar other bodies

ix. Hostel shift and between Morning/Evening shifts

x. Expulsion from the College/Department/Faculty/Hostel/Mess/Library/Club for a specified period

xi. Debarring from an examination

xii. Issue of Migration Certificate

xiii. Issuance of character certificate with adverse remarks

xiv. Prohibition of further admission or re-admission

xv. Struck-off the college rolls for the current academic year/session or for any extended period


Any student against whom a charge of misconduct has been initiated may be suspended from the college by the Principal which shall continue till the final decision of the competent authority.

A review of disciplinary action/actions initiated against a student would lie with the officer issuing the orders, within seven days, and an appeal would lie against the orders of the authorities mentioned in these Rules to the College Council.