Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives


Goals (long term Outcomes & achievements)

  1. To engage and maintain a competent, qualified faculty which is equipped with advanced professional knowledge and experience, engages in ongoing professional development, and has the ability to convey their knowledge to students.
  2. To improve written and verbal competencies as well as analytical and technical skills of students.
  3. To engage graduate faculty in research activities that serves to improve teaching and learning.
  4. To engage in programs and activities that provide community services.

Objectives: (short term specific actions and measurable steps that need to take to achieve a goal)

  1. To make reading and writing integral of learning procedure, to engage students in such activities.
  2. To provide college staff with technical and professional opportunities by conducting seminars and workshops.
  3. To conduct research seminars in college or to develop graduate students’ skills into research papers for publishing.
  4. To focus on social work activities as co-curricular activities and instill in students the will to be socially active.