To be a forward-looking center for quality education where all the stakeholders have open opportunities of discourse and wisdom. To equip the students’ community with a range of practices to identify, create, and distribute knowledge and skills in their chosen stream thereby infusing emotional investment in the shape of values. To shape the learners into future leaders and entrepreneurs in diverse fields and above all into good human beings.


We do our best every day to achieve the vision by building up learning environments in the college that promotes personal and intellectual exploration to turn out skilled, patriotic and pioneering students who can meet the universal standards. Our mission is to contribute to the global community through promotion of teaching, learning and knowledge. We promote individual’s contribution to the social, political, economic and cultural development of the society, provide up-to-date technology and facilities of global standard and constantly improve the standard of teaching through innovative and effective teaching methodology.


Our Vision and Mission are visualized in our learning strategies, supportive environments, access to library and modern computer technology, students’ access to rules, admissions, financial support and counseling in the course and career selection. The existence of sound financial position, use of available resources for the development of academic environment, availability of best infrastructure and collegial harmony among the college community further contribute to the attainment of our goals.

The institution is proud of instilling values like patriotism, altruism, unity, faith, discipline, trust, peace, simplicity, cooperation, honesty, courage, love, respect, hope, faithfulness, happiness, and service.


Established in 2006, Government Degree College Hayatabad has a great contribution in promoting education, knowledge and learning in the area.

The following pages depict, by way of introduction, its organization, courses of study and functioning.

We will always welcome constructive opinions and positive suggestions forwarded to us for its further improvement and better service to the nation.

Prof. Abdul Jabbar



Government Degree College Hayatabad is situated at a very ideal location in Hayatabad, Peshawar. A network of roads connects the college to different phases of Hayatabad and other adjacent areas.

The need to establish a Government run educational institution for the people of Hayatabad was felt intensively since long, which led to the establishment of this College at the Degree level in 2006. The college offers courses, both in Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and the Humanities group and, therefore, satisfies the need and taste of the society from different angles.

The college building is spread over an area of 35 Kanals with well-ventilated classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, a library with an attached reading room, spacious hall, and green lawns which add to the beauty and grace of the building. Highly qualified, competent, experienced and dedicated teachers contribute honestly for the achievement of the aims and objectives. The foremost objectives are to exploit and refine moral, mental and intellectual capabilities of students in order to develop a balanced personality and an ideal character.

Moreover, efforts are made to introduce Islam as a momentous force in the lives of the students. Since, Islam raises human being to the height of humanity, hence education is imparted in such a way that the students should turn out to be true and exemplary Muslims—ideologically as well as practically. We firmly believe in the bright and brilliant future of our beloved country, Pakistan. Special attention is paid to enhance national integrity and solidarity among the students.

At intermediate level, this College is affiliated with the B.I.S.E. Peshawar and at Degree level with the University of Peshawar.


The institution is manned by a qualified and experienced team of teaching and ministerial staff. They are:

Prof. Abdul Jabbar

M.Sc Botany (Goldmedalist) Principal

Department of Botany

1 Mr. Aman Ullah Khan Associate Professor

2 Mr. Amin Said Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

1 Mr. Kamran Jalil Assistant Professor

2 Mr. Zahid Ullah Lecturer

Department of Computer Science

1 Mr. Sikandar Azam Assistant Professor

2 Dr. Syed Ishtiaq Hussain Associate Professor

Department of Economics

1 Mr. Amjad Ali Assistant Professor

2 Mr. Assad Akbar Assistant Professor

Department of English

1 Mr. Zardad Khan Professor

2 Mr. Tasbihullah Associate Professor

3 Mr. Syed Zia Ullah Shah Lecturer

4 Mr. Faisal Habib Lecturer

Department of Geography

1 Mr. Main Luqman Hussain Lecturer

Department of Health and Physical Education

1 Mr. Farid ur Rehman Khattak Lecturer


  1. Mr. Iltaf Ullah Assistant Professor
  2. Mr. Samee Ullah Lecturer

Department of Islamiyat

1 Mr. Abdul Shakoor Assistant Professor

Department of Library Science

1 Mr. Shahid Ali Librarian

Department of Mathematics

1 Mr. Nadeem Khan Lecturer

2 Mr. Muhammad Ishaq Lecturer

Department of Pakistan Studies

1 Mr. Jamilur Rehman Assistant Professor

2 Mr. Haroon Ali Shah Lecturer

Department of Physics

1 Mr. Malik Imdad Hussain Associate Professor

2 Dr. Sarir Uddin Associate Professor

3 Mr. Qazi Muhammad Umar Farooq Lecturer

4 Mr. Shafqat Munir Associate Professor

Department of Statistics

1 Mr. Tariq Hussain Assistant Professor

2 Mr. Muhammad Nasir Noor Assistant Professor

Department of Urdu

1 Mr. Sardar Alam Assistant Professor

2 Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Assistant Professor


1 Mr. Asmat Ali Shah Associate Professor

Pesh e Imam

1 Mr. Hassan Khan

Ministerial Staff

1 Mr. Fazli Subhan Superintendent

2 Mr. Saleem Akhtar Assistant

2 Senior Clerk

3 Fahad Junior Clerk

4 Junior Clerk

Laboratory Assistants

1 Mr. Inam Ullah

2 Ms. Alveena Akbar

3 Mr. Wahid Ullah


The college offers courses at Intermediate and Under graduate levels.


(a) Pre-Medical

English, Urdu, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Islamic Education (Part-I) and Pak. Studies (Part-II)

Eligibility: S.S.C. with Science (Minimum D grade).

(b) Pre-Engineering

English, Urdu, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Islamic Education (Part-I) and Pak. Studies (Part-II)

Eligibility: S.S.C. with Science (Minimum D grade)

(c) Computer Science Group

English, Urdu, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Sceince, Islamic Education (Part-I) and Pak. Studies (Part-II)

Eligibility: S.S.C. with Science (Minimum D grade)

(c) General Science Group

Eligibility: S.S.C (Minimum D grade)

English, Urdu, Islamic Education (Part-I) and Pak. Studies (Part-II) which are compulsory subjects,

Students can select the following set:

Morning Shift / Additional Shift

Economics, Maths, Statistic

  1. Humanities Eligibility: S.S.C (Minimum D grade)

(i) (Morning Shift)

Besides English, Urdu, Islamic Education (Part-I) and Pak. Studies (Part-II) which are compulsory subjects, students can select one of the following sets:

  1. Civics, Islamic History, Islamic Studies
  2. Civics, Islamic History, HPE
  3. Civics, Islamic History, Geography

(ii) (Additional Shift)

1 Civics, Islamic History, Islamic Studies


(a) English

(b) Physics

(c) Political Science

(d) Mathematics

(e) Economics

(f) Zology

(g) Chemistry