Principal Message

Principal Message



There are no two opinions about the fact that education is not a preparation for life rather it is a life in itself. This challenging task is shouldered by two pillars,the students and the teachers, though the students have a heavy responsibility upon their tender shoulders but our society as well as the common sense requires the teachers to bear the brunt of the problem. All and sundry are well aware of the problems faced by our society in the field of education, but merely pointing out problems is not sufficient, its practical solution is the real challenge.

Good teachers are source of inspiration. A teacher’s aim is not tomould students in her own image but to let them groom in their own natural tendencies. Those who teach without inspiration, just try to hammer while the iron is cold. First, one has to heat the iron red-hot, then hammer and forge it into good tools.

The under-developed economy of Pakistan needs serious investments in human capital. In the 21st Century’s knowledge economy, knowledge is the only instrument of production which is not subjected to the law of diminishing returns. To cope with such mammoth challenges, all segments of Pakistani society, namely the government, civil society, parents, students, politicians, teachers, researchers, social workers and academicians should rise to the occasion to face the task of solving these problems.

Mrs.Nizakat sultana

Principal,GPGC(W) Mardan.