Ban on Political Activities

Ban on Political Activities



In the light of the Supreme Court verdict which reads as under:-

“Students indulgence in political activities in the college shall be strictly prohibited”

“We therefore, hereby direct that at the time of admission to an educational institution the students and her parents/guardian shall give an undertaking that the student shall not indulge in politics failing which she shall not be allowed admission. And if after the admission, she violates such undertaking i.e. “Indulges herself in politics” she shall be expelled from the institution without any further notice. All the educational institutions shall henceforth seek and obtain similar undertaking in respect of all existing enrolled students.

It is explained that the finding with regard to “indulgence in politics” given by the Head of institution under her seal and signature shall be final and shall not be questioned except only before the Supreme Court”.

The specimen of undertaking given on the following page has to be filled and signed by the student and her father / guardian on judicial paper and attested by the competent authority to be produced at the time of interview / admission.