Central Library

Central Library



One of the assets of Govt. Degree College Wari Upper Dir is its Library. Currently, the College library contains a vast Collections of books, magazines on various subjects which is updated annually with new editions.

Despite this, in the library, we have E-Books which is very helpful in the collection of the library and students benefits every time at home via on laptops, computers and mobile devices.

Library preserve heritage for prosperity, the library is an agency for off-campus/self-education. Knowledge acquisition is a continuous process and library guides an individual towards the achievement of that goal. Research has a strong relationship with a book.

This is the age of emerging technologies. New inventions are emerging day and night. Every individual wishes to know about the happenings of the day. Each and every individual whether he/she is a student, scientist, researcher, subject expert, professional, industrialist, child or old-age person needs fresh and latest information so that he/she may able to serve the nation in a more pleasant way. Libraries are the forums which can guide and serve the nation in this regard.

John Ruskin says:

Culture and tradition make human life powerful and beautiful” and libraries have the capability to promote it.

Membership Rules

Regular and Teaching staff and students of the College are eligible for membership, and can avail reading facility during office hours within the library premises.

The students can retain the books for 2 weeks, which can be renewed for a further period of 2 weeks if so presented on the due date.

Do not write, underline or mark any book(s). Library book(s) are carefully examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible for any kind of damage.

Clearance from the library is must both for students and staff members, who intend to leave the College.

Fine Rules

Rs.5/- per day per book is charged as fine in case of late return of books from the students.

In case of loss or damage to the book, market rates are charged from the borrowers. If the book is not available in the market, a triple cost of the book will be charged from the borrower.

Disciplinary Rules

  1. Silence should be observed in the library.
  2. Mobiles should be kept off.
  3. Library staff can ask anyone causing a disturbance.

Library Services

  1. Circulation
  2. Membership forms are issued to the new library users
  3. Library users’ registration.
  4. Issuance of library membership cards.
  5. Books issue and return activities.
  6. Books reservation.
  7. To check the record of issued books.
  8. To check the record of due books.


Books and libraries are primary elements of the civilization and development of this world. Every year in Pakistan, approximately 4000 thousand students graduate from different colleges and universities. There are opportunities in educational institutions, colleges, technical institutions, special education’s institutions, universities, all the provincial and federal departments, banks, financial organization, scientific and research organization, public relation organization, mass communication organization, provincial and national assembly’s libraries, court libraries, hospital libraries, private organization, and corporation etc. All the above organization and institutions offer great opportunities for library science graduate.


  1. National library Colleges’ libraries
  2. Universities libraries
  3. Schools libraries
  4. Public libraries
  5. Special libraries


Chief librarian Assistant librarian Classifier, cataloger, bibliographer, reference librarian Information assistant Documentation assistant Library assistant


Those who want to enter into this profession should select optional paper of library science in intermediate/A-level class. After intermediate class one can do B.A Hons in library science or postgraduate diploma from a university where this subject is taught. M.A in library science is another option after B.A (pass). M.A programme is of two years duration but if it is not possible to keep it continue due to some reason then after passing M.A part-I, one can get B. A Hons degree or postgraduate diploma and find jobs in this field. Qualifying both the part of M.A programme, a master degree can be achieved.

Nature of work in practical life When a student steps into practical life after having completed the academic qualification, he/she has a broad field in front of him where he can try his abilities, opportunities and natural talent. There are different categories in library science performing different duties.


The success and development of a librarian depend on the following:

He/She must be educated as well as skilled, well mannered, Consistent Aware of modern trends and research Know more than one language and Fond of study

Have knowledge of the political, social and educational system Knowledge of modern developments i.e.

  • knowledge of computer
  • Ability to mobilize the subordinates
  • Have a desire for national development and progress
  • Command over speaking and writing
  • Responsible and Sincere to one’s profession


The numbers of libraries are increasing gradually keeping in view of the importance and efficacy of library science. Libraries are being established in every notable organization of the country. According to the available records, there are the following libraries in Pakistan. School libraries College libraries University libraries Special libraries Public libraries National center libraries in the villages.