Controller of Examinations

Controller of Examinations


Examination Section of the College

The overall working of this section in our college is briefly described under the following points

1. All matters concerned with the conduct of Pre-Board and Pre-University examinations.
2. Issuing date sheet, an appointment of supervisory staff, allocating examination center(s) and issuance of admit cards to students.
3. Preparation and display of final result notification (s) and sending the grade reports to students’ parents.
4. Arrangement for the timely issuance/provision of the examination material, instructing the supervisory staff and holding their meetings as and when required.
5. Postponement or cancellation of examination, in part or in whole, in the event of malpractices or if the circumstances so warrant after approval of the undersigned.
6. Appointment of unfair means (UFM) committee with the prior approval of Principal GDC Wari in relation to examination matters for carrying out investigation and convenes a meeting and issue notices thereof.
7. Bringing to the notice of the Principal all cases of infringement of rules of examinations with a full report for disposal.
8. Maintaining overall examinations record of the students.
9. Ensuring and maintaining the strict secrecy of all information regarding the examinations.
10. Ensuring and maintaining registration return with the concerned Board / University within due date and time.

Therefore, the following staff members will perform the task assigned against their names


Name of Official


Nominated as


Mr. Saeed Ullah Jan

Lecturer in Computer Science

Controller of Examinations



Dy: Controller of Examinations



Assistant Controller of Examinations