Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission



GDC Wari (Dir Upper) to be a national / an International hub of excellence for higher education by 2020


  • To Delight Students, The Industry, Staff And Other Stakeholders Of The Higher Education Department Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa By Formulating And Implementing Results Oriented Policies & Strategies.

  • To Deliver Results In An Effective And Efficient Manner Through A Participatory Process

  • To Produce The Best Intellectuals, Professionals, Researchers, Entrepreneurs

  • To Deliver Innovative Solutions

  • To Make Pakistan “The Wonder Of Asia”

  • Increased opportunities and access to Higher Education

  • Improved world ranking of all Higher Education Institutes

  • Improved Employability

  • Improved stakeholder satisfaction

  • Improved global compatibility of Higher Education Institutes

  • Excellence in research and publications

  • Improved global links and exchanges

  • Reduced dependency on treasury

  • Increased entrepreneurship of graduates

  • Improved effectiveness and efficient of Higher Education Sector

  • Contributing to the National Development and long term Vision of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – Pakistan

  • Contributing to the National Reconciliation & Global Peace