Coach Message

Excellence in Physical Education & Sports

To engage in relentless pursuit of Excellence in the promotion and development of Physical Education and Sports through innovative programmes in teaching, coaching, research and outreach activities and evolve a holistic approach to the betterment of human resources through a harmonious blend of body, mind and spirit.


1 ) To create an ideal academic environment for Learning, Professionalism, and Collaboration that
fosters Excellence in active student learning and professional growth.

2 ) To design and introduce innovative, integrated, inter-disciplinary curriculum in Physical Education and various
Sports and games and allied areas and provide Leadership to the Profession.

3 ) To offer unique graduate, Post-graduate and research Programmes in Physical Education, Sports and allied

4 ) To produce competent health conscious Physical Education teachers at various levels, who will be fully
equipped to impart instruction in Physical Education and undertake physical activity programmes for children
and youth.

5 ) To develop High-Tech research facilities and contribute to the body to knowledge through scholarly work and
publications, and disseminate the findings to the professionals, faculty and students.

6 ) To facilities the application of research finding to refine and sharpen the coaching and training techniques in
Physical Education and Sports.

7 ) To closely collaborate and coordinate with the State and National bodies in Physical Education and Sports, in
matters of common interest and concern.

8 ) To actively design programme for the promotion and development of fitness and health concept among the
students, faculty and the community around so as to mould them into physically fit and emotionally matured

Student Learning Objectives

Upon receipt of aIntermeidate (HSSC), students are expected to assume regional, provancial, or national positions in the development, delivery, or administration of sport or sport education programs. Those already employed in sport or sport education are expected to have enhanced skills, knowledge, and understanding, which will promote the advancement of sport, sport education, or sports sciences.

a. Apply critical and independent thinking to real world issues
b. Demonstrate the ability to clearly articulate ideas in writing
c. Demonstrate problem solving capabilities through an expanded vision of the sport discipline
d. Analyze and illustrate with conviction issues of significance in their chosen disciplines
e. Identify ethical principles applied in the world of sport and life in general
f. Synthesize learned theories and relate those theories in practical environments
g. Evaluate issues and trends pertaining to the world of sport

2. HPE subject provide the necessary tools for students to accomplish the goals listed above by:
a. Demonstrating the appropriate skill sets to work in the profession of sport at various levels of sport from amateur through professional
b. Applying theoretical information and putting that information into practice within sport disciplines
c. Providing materials necessary for students to gain the knowledge, skills, and practical abilities to succeed in the discipline of the sport major being studied
d. Increasing computer literacy by utilizing current computer technology and applications across the curriculum to develop research skills and computer literacy for academic settings, workforce development, and lifelong learning
e. Increasing students’ awareness of the need for a personal philosophy and the importance of ethical principles related to their chosen professions and life in general

Changing Trends and Career in Physical Education

  • Define Physical Education, its Aims and Objectives
  • Development of Physical Education - Post Independence
  • Concept and Principles of Integrated Physical Education
  • Concept and Principles of Adaptive Physical Education
  • Career Options in Physical Education

Physical Fitness, Wellness and Lifestyle

  • Meaning and importance of Physical Fitness, Wellness and Lifestyle
  • Factors affecting Physical Fitness and Wellness
  • Indicators of Health - Physical and Psychological
  • Preventing Health Threats through Lifestyle Change
  • Components of positive lifestyle

Olympic Movement

  • Ancient and Modern Olympics
  • Olympic Symbols, Ideals, Objectives and Values
  • International Olympic Committee
  • Indian Olympic Association
  • Dronacharya Award, Arjuna Award and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
  • Organisational set-up of CBSE Sports and Chacha Nehru Sports Award


  • Meaning and Importance of Game
  • Yoga as an Indian Heritage
  • Elements of Game
  • Introduction to - Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation and Games
  • Prevention and Management of Common Lifestyle Diseases; Obesity, Diabetes, Hyper-Tension and Back-Pain


  • Concept & classification of doping
  • Prohibited substances and methods
  • Athletes responsibilities
  • Side effects of prohibited substances
  • Ergogenic aids & doping in sports
  • Doping control procedure

Physical Activity Environment

  • Introduction to physical activity
  • Concept & need of sports environment
  • Essential elements of positive sports environment
  • Principles of physical activity environment
  • Components of health related fitness
  • Behaviour change technique for physical activity
  • Exercise Guidelines at different stages of growth

Test and Measurement in Sports

  • Define Test and Measurement
  • Importance of Test and Measurement in Sports
  • Calculation of BMI and Waist - Hip Ratio
  • Somato Types (Endomorphy, Mesomorphy and Ectomorphy)
  • Procedures of Anthropromatric Measurement - Height, Weight, Arm and Leg Length and Skin Fold

Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology

  • Define Anatomy, Physiology and its importance
  • Function of skeleton system, Classification of bones and types of joints
  • Function and structure of muscles
  • Function and structure of Respiratory System
  • Structure of Heart and introduction to Circulatory System
  • Oxygen debt, second-wind

Biomechanics and Sports

  • Meaning and Importance of Biomechanics in Physical Education and Sports
  • Newton's Law of Motion and its application in sports
  • Levers and its types and its application in Sports
  • Equilibrium - Dynamic and Static and Centre of Gravity and its application in sports
  • Force - Centrifugal and Centripetal and its application in Sports

Psychology and Sports

  • Definition and importance of Psychology in Physical Education and Sports
  • Define and differentiate between 'Growth and Development'
  • Developmental characteristics at different stage of development
  • Adolescent problems and their management
  • Define Learning, Laws of Learning and transfer of Learning
  • Plateau & causes of plateau
  • Emotion: Concept & controlling of emotion

Training in Sports

  • Meaning and Concept of Sports Training
  • Principles of Sports Training
  • Warming up and limbering down
  • Load, Adaptation and Recovery
  • Skill, Technique and Style
  • Symptoms of Over-load & How to Overcome it

Practical: 25 Marks

  1. Athletics - Any two events - Sprints and Jumps - 5 Marks
  2. Health and Fitness Activities - Medicine Ball/Thera Tube/Pilates/Rope Skipping (Any one) - 5 Marks
  3. Skill of any one Individual Game of choice - 5 Marks
  4. Viva - 5 Marks
  5. Record File - 5 Marks