ID - Card

ID - Card


Students who have an “Admitted” status in GDC Wari are eligible for Student Identity Card. ALL students are required to have a Student Identity Card.

Guide - Lines

  • After admission to the College, the first ID card is issued by Chief Proctor of the College on reasonable price.

  • GDC Wari is not responsible for lost or stolen the ID Card.

  • Replacement ID requests may be made in writing to the Chief Proctor of the College and required Rs: 150/- non-refundable fee. Once an ID card has been replaced, all prior IDs Cards are permanently disabled and may not be reinstated.

  • GDC Wari is issued ID card only to current students. Identification of the cardholder must be verified using an official form and color passport size photo.

  • ID card is an official form of identification; therefore hats, sunglasses, or head coverings may NOT be worn in an ID photo. ID photo must be in color, a clear head and shoulders shot, with the subject facing forward, and have a solid background. Any photos submitted that are not within these guidelines will be rejected.

  • Possession of more than one active ID card issued by GDC Wari is a violation of college policy.

  • Possession and/or use of GDC Wari ID card by someone other than the person identified on the card is a violation of the College policy.

  • Misuse, alteration of, or abuse of the GDC Wari ID card, or accounts on the ID card, will result in loss of privileges granted by the card, and disciplinary action is initiated.

  • All ID cards issued by the GDC Wari ID Card Center remain the property of GDC Wari.

The following Information is mandatory for requesting ID Card


Name__________________________________ F/Name______________________________

Date_of_Birth___________________________ Class No._____________________________

Year of Study/Semester:________________________________ Section_________________


Contact No._____________________________ Email________________________________