Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities


Various curricular activities in the classrooms help in imparting bookish knowledge to the students as per the demands of the examination system, but unless certain other activities are taken up, a student never acquires completeness. It is here that the role of Co- curricular activities come in. Such activities along with classroom involvement help integrate the three very vital aspects of an individual (student)-namely the body, mind and soul.

With the above objects in mind, GDC Wari (Dir Upper) has the following co-curricular activities

Speech Competitions Activity in three Languages English, Urdu & Pashto

Telawat - E - Quran Competitions Activity

Hamd - E - Baari Tala Competitions Activity

Naat -E- Rasooli Maqbool(PBUH) Competitions Activity

Milli Naqma Competitions Activity

Apart from these we have also the following co-curricular activities for our students

  • Sports activities like Table tennis, Badminton, Cricket, and Volleyball etc. exist in the College. The activation level of these activities is dependent on the persons associated with it as also the students showing keenness to join them.

  • Various subjects’ Teachers have the onerous duty to not only enhance the knowledge of the participants but also to create a very fulfilling environment in the College.

  • The concerened Teacher add color and taste to formal education || Responsibilty given to Literature related Teachers

  • Subject Societies in the Social Sciences (Arts, Commerce) || Responsibility assigned to Social Sciences Subject's Teachers

  • Biological Sciences (Botany, Chemistry & Zoology) || Responsibility assigned to Biological Sciences Subject's Teachers

  • Earth Sciences (Physics, Maths & Computer Science) || Responsibility assigned to Engineering Sciences Subject's Teachers

A student with the meager bookish knowledge and nothing else is a misfit in today’s society and hardly acceptable by any job offering agency. Take these words, seriously.