The hostel facility is located inside the Govt Degree College Wari (Dir Upper) premises and comprises the upper one floor of the hostel building; it has the capacity to accommodate 70 students, with all the non-local teaching staff being housed on the lower floor. Direct access to the hostel is through a single entry point, which is manned around the clock by a dedicated security guard; access from the lower floor, which consists of warden lounge staff rooms, is restricted. The following points are hereby given for knowing about our hostel

  1. Hostel rooms (with two, three or four beds) are centrally a writing table with chair and cupboard for clothes and storage of linen for each resident.
  2. Common Room: The hostel common room is on the upper floor, with a simple TV.
  3. Dining Area: The dining area is co-located with the Common Room on the upper floor. Meals shall be served at lunch and dinner only, as per the timings specified herein.
  4. Kitchen / Kitchenette: The main kitchen is located on the upper floor and is equipped with a fridge, deep freezer, microwave and a cooking range. The lower floor also has a kitchenette with a fridge, microwave and a stove for the teaching staff residents’ use.
  5. Washrooms and Toilets: Sufficient community washrooms and toilets are provided for the hostilities’ use.
  6. Visitors Room: A separate facility has been established inside the hostel where residents may receive visitors specifically authorized by parents/guardian. Access to the main hostel premises is limited to the residents and authorized staff only. Unauthorized guests or outsiders are strictly prohibited from entering the hostel premises.

The procedure for hostel admission is as under:

  1. An incomplete application form, in any respect, shall be summarily rejected.
  2. On confirmation of enrollment at GDC Wari (Dir Upper), the hostel management shall approve provisional admission to the hostel, and accordingly inform the Accounts Office,
  3. The hostel fee challan shall be issued by the Accounts Office; the student’s copy of the paid fee challan shall be deposited with the Hostel Warden for confirmation of the hostel admission.
  4. Priority for admission shall be given to outstation students, based on ‘first come first served’ basis dependent upon payment of hostel dues. Local students (living in Wari Town /Sahibabad/Akhagram / Khall) shall be considered only after all outstation applicants have been considered/accommodated.
  5. Rooms are allotted on the basis of two, three and four students per room, as per the design of the room and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Higher Education Department policy on the subject.
  6. Selected candidates will be allotted their rooms by the hostel management on arrival; this may later be adjusted, on written request from the student, at the discretion of the hostel management.
  7. Interchanging of rooms amongst hostilities on their own is NOT permitted; if desired, this shall be done by the hostel management on a written application from the student.
  8. If no further accommodation is available, a waiting list shall be prepared as per the policy explained above and candidate (s) will be informed accordingly.

Duration of Residents Stay in the Hostel:

  1. Students granted admission in the hostel shall be entitled to stay for the duration of their on-campus (running Session) studies, as mentioned in Academic Regulations and reproduced in the Voucher issued to students at the time of their enrollment, subject to the timely payment of hostel dues.

Hostel Dues

  1. The hostel dues shall be paid for the entire semester in advance. These dues shall comprise:
  • Registration: one time non-refundable.
  • Hostel Security: one time refundable.
  • Hostel Charges: @ current monthly rate, calculated for 4 months per semester.
  • The current rates of hostel fees may be obtained from the Admissions Office, Accounts Office or the Hostel Warden. GDC Wari may revise these fees periodically to account for inflation so as to maintain the standard of care and facilities provided to the residents.
  • Students joining the hostel other than at the beginning of a semester shall be liable to pay the hostel fees effective from the month of joining till the end of semester. Any resident vacating the hostel at any time after the end of a semester shall be liable to pay the hostel fees till the month of departure.
  • Dues must be cleared by the due date as mentioned on the fee challan, failing which the following penalties will be imposed for late payment of hostel dues:
  • Within fifteen days after the due date: 5% of fees due.
  • After fifteen days till one month of the due date: 10% of fees due.
  • After one month of the due date, the hostel admission may be canceled for the nonpayment of dues and the hostel security will be forfeited.

Vacation of Hostel during Semester Break:

  1. Residents shall be required to vacate the hostel accommodation during semester breaks; should any resident fail to deposit the keys with the hostel authorities or leave any belongings in the room, they shall be charged for the vacation period. On rejoining for the next semester, all efforts shall be made to allot the same room to residents, unless requested otherwise.
  2. Residents electing to stay in the hostel during semester breaks shall be liable to pay the hostel dues for the vacation period.

Withdrawal from Hostel:

  1. Residents shall be required to vacate the hostel premises immediately on termination of their studies at the College GDC Wari Dir Upper.
  2. Residents desirous of withdrawing from the hostel, at any time prior to the termination of studies, shall apply on the prescribed form, duly countersigned by their parent/guardian, to the Hostel Warden at least seven days before the desired date of leaving the hostel.
  3. Residents leaving the hostel, whether voluntarily or on termination of studies, shall obtain a clearance certificate from the hostel management and deposit it with the Accounts Office for the refund of hostel security, after adjustment of outstanding dues, damages or fines, if any.
  4. Residents asked to vacate the hostel, except on disciplinary grounds, shall be entitled to a refund of hostel fees & security as specified in these rules.