General Rules

General Rules


These guidelines pertain to the courses of studies under Semester System 4-year program for the degree of Bachelor of Studies (B.S), and are the reflection of standard procedure provided by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and the prevailing norms, traditions and best practices of semester system in national and international institutions of higher education.

  1. The degree of Bachelor of Studies (B.S) shall be of 04 Years, each year shall consist of two Semesters with the denomination of Fall Semester and Spring Semester.
  2. The duration of each Semester shall be 18 weeks distributed as 16 weeks of actual teaching and 02 weeks for the conduct of examinations.
  3. Keeping in view the Academic Calendar of the University the college is affiliated with, each college shall decide its Academic Calendar in the meeting (chaired by the Principal) of Chairmen/Heads of Departments before the start of semester. It shall include: Start and Completion Dates, Dates of Mid-term and Final Examination, Holidays (National and Local) and semester breaks.
  4. Teachers shall be accessible to students outside the class particularly during the office hours in the college for timely and constructive feedback and support.
  5. Information resources such as library and computer facilities in the college shall be available to the students during office hours and the library would remain open for the students till the closing time of the college.
  6. The principal shall appoint an Internal Monitoring Committee of senior faculty members to monitor, assess, evaluate and report in writing the state of academic activities.
  7. In addition to the Chairmen/Head of the Department the principal may also get the feedback of the students on prescribed forms about the teacher’s performance at the end of each semester.
  8. The highest level of secrecy and confidentiality in the examination shall be ensured.
  9. Transparency in evaluation and grades shall be ensured by the faculty members, Chairman/Head of the Department and the Principal.
  10. Both an absolute and relative Grading can be adopted for evaluation and assessment.
  11. To ensure and maintain transparency and objectivity in marking, the teachers after the assessment shall show answer books, assignments etc. to students.
  12. Timely declaration of semester results shall be ensured by each academic department. The results shall be declared strictly in time before the start of next semester in a transparent manner. In case the degree awarding institution has adopted a different procedure then it may be followed.
  13. Course contents shall be covered and duly taught in the class within stipulated time.
  14. The deadlines for the submission of all assignments by the students during the semester shall be respected in letter and spirit.
  15. To meet the requirements of international standard for quality education the maximum strength of students admitted in a class shall strictly be 30.
  16. However, class merger for English, Pak-Studies, Islamic Studies and other courses of similar contents shall be allowed provided the number of students of merged class is not more than 40.
  17. The teacher shall record the attendance of merged class on the same attendance sheet and shall not claim two teaching hours to his/her credit for that class.
  18. The change/replacement of a teacher for a course after 2 weeks of the start of semester shall be discouraged.
  19. There shall be no transfer of academic staff during the semester.
  20. There shall be a break of at least one week between two Semesters.
  21. The loss in credit hour due to extraordinary situation or otherwise shall be covered by increasing the duration of lecture times and college working hours after the resumption of class work.
  22. Three credits hours per week shall be normally covered in 3 lectures. But in special circumstances 2 lectures of 90 minutes each may be delivered.
  23. Coverage of 3 credit hours in one lecture shall not be allowed in any case and circumstances. Holidays shall be exclusive to the total of 16 weeks of teaching time per semester.
  24. Final examination shall not be conducted before the completion of full credit hours class and lab work by the teachers.
  25. Every teacher shall submit Course File, complete in all respects, to Chairman/Head of the Department before the final examination.
  26. If a student fails to attend classes for any course during first four weeks of the semester, his/her admission shall automatically stand cancelled without notification


Total No. of Credit Hours (Minimum)


Total No. of Credit Hours (Maximum)


Semester Duration

Minimum of 16 weeks of teaching excluding examinations

Course Duration

Minimum of 8 semesters ( 4 years/As per accreditation body *)

Maximum time limit of 6 years, further extendable for one year with the approval of Statutory Bodies

Summer Session

For deficiency/failure/repetition of maximum 2 courses of 03 credits each, Professional programs like Education, medicine and those requiring Clinical work can offer max 6-9 credit hours.

Course Load per Semester for Regular Full-Time Students

15-18 Credit Hours

Minimum of 160 and Maximum 180-above** Credit hours for 5 year degree program

**Subject to meeting the requirements of the respective Accreditation Councils to meet the International Standards for Credit Hours required.

Note:The framework of guidelines has been prepared by Project Management Unit Department of Higher Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and duly approved by Secretary Higher Education for effective implementation of Semester system of Instruction and Examination leading to the Degree of B.S in the government colleges of the province. For more details please click here...